Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow


DIRECTV has arranged for environmentally friendly recycling of your used DIRECTV HDDVR Receiver. Join us in our effort to keep electronic waste out of landfills with this FREE and EASY solution. Read on to learn how.

Three Easy Steps:

If you haven't received our mailer already, you should be receiving it shortly. When you do, follow these three simple steps!

Place your DIRECTV HDDVR receiver in the provided packaging

Affix the PRE-PAID label on the center of package and seal

Leave package at your mailbox, hand it to your mail carrier, or drop off at any US Post Office

This return mailer is ONLY for HDDVR DIRECTV equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to pay to return my DIRECTV HDDVR Receiver?
    No, returning your DIRECTV HDDVR Receiver is free and easy! Simply use the provided packaging with pre-paid mailing label and follow the three simple steps above.
  • What if I receive 2 different kinds of mailers?
    If you receive an Access Card mailer and an HDDVR mailer, please use the HDDVR mailer to send back both your receiver and access cards. If you no longer have the HDDVR receiver, please use the Access Card mailer to return the cards only.
  • What if I have additional electronics to recycle in addition to my HDDVR?
    We've created a site especially for that purpose. It's also free and easy to use. And it's not just for your DIRECTV equipment. We'll take just about any unused electronic devices, up to four pieces. You send them to us and we'll responsibly recycle them. To find out more about recycling your other used devices and electronics go to

Only return the equipment requested - Do not send only access cards in provided packaging - Do not send your bill payments